Once upon a time far into the future that reaches into the distant past,
a time when the universe had expanded even farther
and consciousness had nearly become golden,
all manner of marvellous beings were known to one another;
in that time there was a beautiful planet
tucked into a galaxy known for its milky way.
This planet was known for its pulsing energies,
potentialities, and stories that shifted
and shimmered through the annals of perceived time.

Once again, the planet and its inhabitants
had come to a critical juncture;
every individual human being
had to choose
which New World they would live in.
Whichever one they chose
would co-exist with the many others
that shared the inter-magical
dimensional layering
that was the miracle
of this planet that was known to many as Earth.

The path of least resistance
was clearly marked out,
all signs led to the terminal
of technocracy and a merging with machines.

The path of uncertainty, high hopes
and pitfalls was as yet unmarked,
emanating, as it did, from dreams.
This path led to a world
of ever higher creative learning,
glorious possibilities,
and harmonious living.

Many persons had long ago made
their decisions about which path
they would choose when the time came.
Because this beautiful planet spun
in a free-will universe, each person
was free to follow the impulses
of their individual hearts, guts,
or brains at any time,
though their journeys would become
all the more impossible seeming
if they took the U-turn of regret.

Aware of the imminent choice,
some persons were treading fear-
filled water with trepidation.
Others still were not yet aware
that there was a choice to be made.

Into that time there came an open invitation,
which each person was charged with passing along to another…