The Glorious Revival Vision-2034

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The Glorious Revival Vision

We hereby announce The Glorious Revival Vision 2034, a 10-year project launching May 10th, 2024: Human persons across the land arising to openly envision how to live together with true care and integrity according to core principles.

Bringing into being a peaceful and prosperous world is an inspiring and worthwhile challenge. The time for dark secrets and domination is past; the time for light and self-dominion is at hand. With positive intention, concerted work, human ingenuity and creativity, we will co-create the kind of nation where people and nature live in meaningful harmony. Glory Be!

"Great enterprises fail because people grow tired and faint-hearted. But a country is built on the dreams of those who will not let them die" - William Burton Tufts

The Glorious Vision marks the beginning of an intentionally new era that will be led by the people who value truth and the sanctity, wonder, and currency of life and love above all.

We will navigate, with raised consciousness, the rapidly changing course of societal and technological environment for the good. The co-creative Glorious Revival Vision (GRV 2034) is a project that intends to explore and examine collective wisdoms in order that we may lead meaningful lives as healthy human beings, thriving in harmony with the immutable Laws of Nature.

Among those wisdoms two are key: (1) The inter-connectedness of all being and things, and (2) the value of morality, which is neither ambiguous nor relative, as William Penn (1644-1718) stated very clearly:

"Right is right even if everyone is against it
and wrong is wrong even if everyone is for it."

We call on one and all to join in this leadership effort. By bringing our thoughts, emotions and actions into coherence as individuals, we can do great things. Together, we will discern how to move into a new era of mutual respect and reciprocity. To achieve a prosperous, free and just future, all members of our society will be encouraged to play an active role, and give their voice to truth in communities across this great land.

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Life, Liberty, and Property

All Persons must have the right to life, liberty and property to survive and thrive. Your rights are sovereign to you and they are not subject to negotiation or removal.

A prosperous, free and just society can only exist when the Rights of Persons and the Duties of Government are clearly understood and respected by all citizens.

“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” ― John F. Kennedy

The proper role of government is to defend and protect the person and property of each and every citizen equally.


The Rights of All Persons and the Duties of Government

Canada: An Improbable Nation in Crisis

Canada is experiencing increasing social, economic, and cultural division. Our country is under threat from both domestic and foreign influences that seek to push aside the core democratic principles that have, for many, made Canada such an enviable place to live.

The “Statement of Principles – The Rights of All Persons and the Duties of Government,” which all persons are invited to endorse, sets out the core principles Canada was founded upon and on the basis of which Canadians consent to be governed.

Societies wherein all persons are endowed with unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Property that they justly acquire have throughout history been shown to succeed in allowing free persons to live together in mutual respect and prosperity. No human agency or act of the state confer unalienable rights, and no law or act of the state can take away these rights—they belong to all persons simply because they are individual human beings. Although it must be acknowledged that this ethos of “do no harm” has not always been upheld in Canada, our cultural inheritance demands that the rights and freedoms of all individuals be paramount. Therefore, the goal in all forms of governance is to ensure that respectful, honourable, virtuous, and ethical behavior will prevail.

However, the promise of a prosperous, free, and just future is rapidly vanishing for most Canadians due to government corruption, corporate capture, party politics, complicity, and incompetence. Much has already been done to move us along a new path that is not built on our values or our principles. Thus, growing numbers of Canadians share the view that those who hold public office no longer act on behalf of those whose rights they have a duty to protect.

We face a threat to our free and democratic country. In recent years, the likelihood that Canada will remain a free united sovereign state has come into doubt, so Canadians now face a clear choice:

  • We can continue to allow those who have taken control of our state institutions to use the state’s powers to put us on a very different path, a path of total authoritarian control, or
  • we must uphold the core principles that led to the successes that Canada has achieved and ensure that our governments, our government officials, and our elected representatives endorse and faithfully follow the principles that have resulted in those successes.

If we are to reclaim and continue to build and enhance Canada, steps must be taken to re-assert those principles and to ensure that all laws, regulations, policies, and programs are in accordance with our core principles. These principles ensure that the rights and just interests of Canadian citizens stand above the personal agendas of the many who have managed to take substantial control of important public offices, be they corporations, organizations, or special interest groups.

The Canadian system of governance is founded on the agreement that the consent of the people is required. When governments are seen to abuse their powers in ways that violate the rights of individual Canadians, Canadians have the right, and the ethical and moral duty, to withdraw their consent.

Are we at such a juncture?

In the place of governance based on these core principles and values, we are expected to submit to governance based on the unqualified rulings of an increasing number of unelected bureaucrats who have been delegated powers to create and enforce laws which would normally be proposed and debated by elected representatives in our parliament. In many jurisdictions traditional “Oaths of Office,” whereby the person being sworn in promises to serve the people, are being replaced by mere “Declarations of Office,” which confer power but promise nothing. Many of those who occupy seats in our parliament, legislatures, and municipal governments are controlled by political parties rather than by a duty to represent their constituents, and/or by unelected bureaucrats who have increasingly claimed the right and gained the power to develop and impose rules, policies, laws, and by-laws that are not compatible with, and in fact violate, the rights of persons or the principles of liberty and real and equal justice.

In brief, Canadians are currently enduring, and expected to submit to, unaccountable, authoritarian governance, while simultaneously being coerced to personally renounce and abandon their core values, rights, and liberties. The agendas of corporations, global institutions, lobbyists, special interest groups, and advocacy organizations have gradually succeeded in taking control of our public institutions. Unelected bureaucrats have claimed and gained the power to develop and impose rules and laws that are not only incompatible with the rights of persons and the principles of liberty, but which also bypass the normal process of debate by elected representatives in our parliament.

Furthermore, Canadians are being led into a belief that a secure future can only be achieved by renouncing our heritage and traditions for a post-national state with no core identity of its own, and that this new state must be run by unelected administrators in lockstep with global governance. This growing tyranny of administration acts in accordance with, and under the leadership of, the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 for so-called Sustainable Development. This elite technocratic agenda does not respect the wishes of local populations nor the sovereignty of nations.

What can be done?

The first and fundamental step is to spread the word about the “Statement of Principles – The Rights of All Persons and the Duties of Government,” and garner record endorsements.

The objective of The Glorious Revival – Vision 2034 is to restore our state institutions to their assigned role of respecting, protecting, and upholding the rights of all individual Canadians.

Canada, our improbable nation, is a beautiful vast land replete with natural splendours and the varied histories, hopes, and dreams of its inhabitants. Most of those who call this land home do so with deeply felt pride and honour. For some, this pride stems from ties to generations of contributions and sacrifices. For others, it results from the gratitude for the chance at a new start in a freer and more tolerant society. To ensure our future as a proud nation, united and free, we must revive and uphold the principles of trust, responsibility, morality, and accountability for all inhabitants. May the Glorious Vision unfold in a co-creative process for the good of one and all for generations to come.