Crucial Actions to be Undertaken

Hidden Agendas? Who is Benefiting?
Not Ordinary Canadians

Many Canadians view the actions of their elected representatives as serving the interests of special interest groups, foreign organizations, and corporate supporters.

The promise of a prosperous, free and just future is slipping away for many, and while it is no longer possible to ignore the reality that many Canadians are suffering, politicians at all levels of government are not listening.

What Can Citizens Do?

In order to reverse our economic and social decline, Canadians need to come together to press our elected representatives at all levels to endorse the “Statement of Principles – The Rights of All Persons and the Duties of Government.”

Without a firm commitment to those principles, actions will continue to be taken by those who hold public offices that will abuse the powers of government for the purpose of imposing laws, regulations, policies, programs and actions that are not compatible with the unalienable rights of all persons and with the duties of government.

Financial Decline in Public and Private Debt

It is only on the basis of honest and timely reports on such matters that Canadians can effectively contribute to setting an economic direction that will secure our future and ensure the long-term availability of goods and services that Canadians require.

  • Crucial Action to be Undertaken: The size, purpose, and impact of all government activities must be reported to the public on an annual basis and all proposed additions to government activities must be detailed to the public before they are implemented.

Government Are Bloated and Out of Control

Government activities now consume over 40% of Canada’s GDP – and the percentage is growing at a dangerous rate. In the last 12 months, over 52% of the jobs that were created were government jobs that consume wealth rather than produce it. Such a course is not reasonable, because it would be necessary to tax away 100% of the income of those who work in non-government jobs to pay the salaries of government workers.

  • Crucial Action to be Undertaken: Canada’s economy has suffered as a result of the obsessive focus on ideologically-driven policies that have been imposed without considering the broader impacts on the sectors of the economy that generate the wealth that is essential for the prosperity of Canadians and for funding essential government services. Members of the public must have a means of bringing such actions by government to an end.

Corruption and Insider Dealings

Steps must be taken to stop such insider dealings – as well as the tendency of those who control our institutions of government to abuse the powers of government, their control of Parliament, and their ability to influence prosecutors and the courts to hide those violations from the public. Procedures must change so that those who abuse the powers of public office are be brought to account when they use the powers of public office for their own purposes and to cover up for all such breaches of public trust.

  • Crucial Action to be Undertaken: An effective anti-corruption mechanism is needed to expose and punish corruption inside the bureaucracy, as well as, by companies and all special interest groups.

Immigration Is a Cornerstone of Our Heritage

Failed immigration policies have led to a rate of growth that has created immense strains on housing, that has overloaded schools and healthcare systems, that has added immense costs to government, and that has overwhelmed the ability of government to meet the needs of Canadians. Over 50% of some immigrant communities are still dependent on full government support 5 years after they arrive in Canada, and the average support that is currently paid for each asylum seeker is over $80,000 per year – not including the cost of social, educational, and medical services.

  • Crucial Action to be Undertaken: A pause in the record inflows is required until existing immigrants have been processed and placed, and services to Canadians are restored.

Safe Streets and Schools

Safety and security of Canadians have resulted in the creation of many places where our citizens do not feel safe in our country, in our towns, and in our schools. Such activities have created threats to our children, to our lives, and to our way of living. The rule of law must be applied equally to protect the rights of all persons.

  • Crucial Action to be Undertaken: Steps must be taken to deal with criminal activity, terrorist groups, violent ideological protests, and the use of illegal drugs that have overwhelmed the capacity of our police and our courts. Federal and provincial legislatures must reinstate (the passage of) laws that protect the rights of all persons.

Crippling Inflation

Many families are experiencing difficulty paying for housing, food and energy – so much so that record numbers are relying on charity and food banks. A priority must be placed on creating an environment in which there will be a substantial growth in wealth-producing jobs, in restraining the growth of unearned wealth, and in the type of support that will lead to greater self-reliance.

  • Crucial Action to be Undertaken: The cost of living has spiraled due to government policies. Individuals and particularly families are threatened by rising costs of living and reduced employment prospects. The safety and protection of all members of our society must be restored as a top priority of our government institutions.

Duty to Defend the Rights of All Persons

Government actions must focus on protecting the rights of Canadians, and must avoid actions that divide Canadians on ideological grounds that, for example:

  1. restrict free speech and debate,
  2. block actions that do not harm the rights of others,
  3. impose controls that arbitrarily eliminate jobs,
  4. impose costs that make life unaffordable, or
  5. confiscate wealth and property that has been justly acquired.
  • Crucial Action to be Undertaken: Politicians, public servants, lobby groups, and consultants are increasingly seen to be abusing the powers of public offices or their privileged access to government to fill their own pockets and the pockets of their friends.

Citizens from all walks of life are aware something is terribly wrong.

What can be done?

It is only by uniting in a focused way and in taking action to restore the core principles upon which Canada was founded that Canadians can revive our great country and bring back the promise of a prosperous, free and just future.